Adeel Shaikh

Lattice Degeneration & Retinal Holes

Most of the retina’s surface is the peripheral retina. The peripheral retina is used for side vision, otherwise called peripheral vision. Some people have areas of weakness and degeneration in the peripheral retina, known as lattice degeneration. These may or may not have retinal holes associated with them. In some situations these weak areas can lead to retinal tears.

Typically, lattice degeneration cause no visual side effects and are incidentally seen on a routine eye exam. Lattice degeneration with holes or retinal tears in the areas of lattice degeneration can potentially lead to retinal detachment which is a vision threatening condition.


There are a few variables that will decide if laser treatment around the lattice degeneration is required or not. Individuals with lattice degeneration and retinal holes should have a discussion with the retina specialist to make that decision. They should know the signs and symptoms of retinal detachment. Patients who are in high risk for retinal detachment may be candidates for prophylactic laser treatment. This can usually be done in the office setting.


Lattice degeneration does not cause any visual problems unless there is a retinal detachment or retinal tear associated with it.